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DF WildKids Magazine – March 2017


DF Wildkids Online Magazine for kids welcomes you! Thanks to kids and parents for their support! **
Welcome to DF WildKids Magazine March 2017 video edition. Now, enjoy watching your DF WildKids video magazine and write your feedback to us. Click on the play button to play the video magazine! Pause the video, if you need more time to read then play to move further. In this same page you could see your favorite puzzles too! Happy Watching!




Puzzle Pieces Clip Art

Jigsaw Puzzles


Word Puzzles with Benny the Little Bear

Sliding Puzzles



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Welcome to Puzzles and Quiz section of DF WildKids Magazine. In this page, every month new puzzles are added in all the following sections and you could play them any time. Happy Puzzling!

Click on the images to play puzzles and Quiz.

DF WildKids Magazine – February 2017 – Video Version


Editors Talk

Slide Show of this Month

Jungle Safari with Benny the Little bear (Lion Tailed Macaque)

Five Amazing Facts

From the birders diary

Craft Corner – Paper Parakeet

Sliding Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Picture Quizzes

Word Puzzle with Benny

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