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Hi! Warm welcome to Digital Frescos. Thanks for stopping by.

digital – adjective (Source

  • Computers. Involving or using numerical digits expressed in a scale of notation to represent discretely all variables occurring in a problem.
  • available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer.

The term Fresco refers to a form of art. Frescos is the plural form of fresco. The origin of fresco is from the Italian word affresco. Fresco in its pure form is the art of painting upon damp, fresh, lime plaster typically on walls and ceilings during the renaissance and other early time periods. Fresco painting technique was used in Ajanta caves which were between c. 200 BCE and 600 (Source: Wikipedia). Another prominent example of using fresco form of painting in the Indian context is the Brihadiswara temple in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu.

Digital frescos is an attempt to showcase nature as we see and share the frescos created whilst traversing the sunlit path. The left corner of the banner in this website – Red Green and Blue squares represents the digital frescos. Just as the yogi seeks light, which is the guiding force for his aspirations, we photographers also seek and use light to capture as frescos the beauty and bounty which “The Mother” nature has offered. The right corner of the banner represents the traversal on the Sunlit Path.

Based in Bengaluru, I am a weekend photography warrior attempting to spend time with nature and in the process making frescos which I will share through this web site. Making digital frescos of birds interest me the most and Raptors (Birds of Prey) are of special interest. Every attempt is made to ensure that the subjects are treated ethically, after all if there are no subjects then were is the photographer? My heartfelt thanks to my wife for the support and encouragement on the frequent expeditions I take and also the help in designing and customizing this website.

I will be making updates to the site frequently adding more Frescos, do bookmark this site and check out later. Your comments, suggestions and critique are much appreciated and You could reach me thru email at or can use the contact form in the web site.



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  1. Mandar says:

    Great Going Alwan
    Its always pleasure to have your company on our wild ventures. Keep up the great work. All the best and looking forward for more !!

  2. Sachin Nayak says:

    Congratulations sirji. Very interesting site with some amazing pics. Looking forward to new posts here.

  3. Dinesh says:

    Great effort …

  4. Manoj says:

    These r really stunning pics….i came 2 know abt dis through my sister Manjushree who also working der….Looking forward to new post

  5. TMonk says:

    Congrats on the inauguration Sir! great shots.. amazing UI.

  6. Mani says:

    This is an awesome website for people who are interested in photography… especially people who are passionate about taking pictures of birds… the site design is very professional… awesome look and feel… Is there any upload option to post our own pictures (especially Indian Birds) as well so that we can maintain few of our great clicks and to get your expert advice…? Thanks.

  7. Saurav says:

    Love the layout and flow of the website. Great site. Congratulations

  8. Gaurav says:

    Congratulations on this amazing site Alwan. All your images are top notch and a treat to watch! The website layout is amazing. Please continue to update it regularly. Cheers!

  9. Ashik Kumar SN says:

    Congratulations on this awesome site Alwan, great initiative keep it rolling.
    Pictures are awesome, hopefully will get a chance to meet you.
    All the best …..

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